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Airborne Satellite Communications

Commercial, government, and defense organizations are leveraging advancements in satellite technology to deliver fast and cost-effective broadband communications services to aircraft operating at very high speeds and high altitudes.

These organizations require stabilized satellite communications solutions with the bandwidth, capacity and high performance to deliver voice, video, and high-speed data services to and from flying platforms anywhere around the globe.

Beyond throughput and coverage, these systems must be highly flexible to meet the operational and maintenance requirements of fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft. This calls for compact, lightweight and easy to install systems that are also easy to maintain throughout their lifecycle.

Orbit’s Stabilized Satellite Solution for Airborne Platforms

Orbit has a family  of innovative airborne stabilized satellite antenna systems that  provide quality broadband communication via satellite to various airborne platforms. These versatile solutions meet mission and business-critical applications such as audio, video, data, ISR and internet connectivity.

Orbit’s airborne satellite solutions are available in multiple antenna sizes and profiles for easy installation on a wide range of airborne platforms such as mission aircraft, commercial airliners, business jets and helicopters.

Utilizing Orbit’s industry-leading  satellite technology platforms, these solutions feature outstanding RF performance and dynamic response under virtually any operating environment while supporting Ku, Ka and X bands.

With more than 1500 deployed terminals worldwide, Orbit’s VSAT solutions are being used and deployed by leading aircraft manufacturers, military users, leading airborne integrators and communications service providers.

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Key Advantages

  • Decades of experience in developing and deploying airborne satellite solutions  for very demanding customer applications
  • Industry leading performance with respect to bandwidth efficiency and throughput
  • Support for Ku, Ka, and X Bands with automatic band switching capabilities
  • Multiple antenna size options depending on the mission or solution requirements ranging from 30cm/12” up to 86cm/34” sizes
  • Compliant with stringent RTCA-DO-160 and/or MIL-STD-810 regulations
  • Customized solutions are available with varying antenna diameters, RF requirements and radomes