Audio Management - ORBIT Communication Systems

AMS Overview

Complex flight missions with large crews, diverse communication needs and multiple technologies require advanced and reliable communication management solutions.

Aircraft manufacturers and integrators seek compact and flexible communication systems that can be customized, scaled and installed to meet the operational needs of various airborne platforms. These systems must support legacy analog equipment as well as new IP based communication devices.

Orbit’s Audio Management Systems (AMS) for Airborne Platforms

Orbit offers a versatile portfolio of communication management systems for any fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft – from commercial airliners to fighter jets. Fully digital and secure communication management systems handle all inbound and outbound communications, including public announcement, warning systems, radios and crew intercommunications.

Our systems are built for easy integration with network-based communication products and applications on any airborne platform. A flexible COTS approach facilitates the cost-effective installation of highly tailored solutions for each customer’s specific operational needs. High MTBF and rapid maintenance cycles reduce turnaround times and increase operational availability.

Orbit’s field-proven communication management offerings are certified to meet the stringent standards and specifications of the US Air Force, US Navy and US Customs and Border Protection agency, among others.

With over 3,500 installations worldwide, Orbit’s customer base includes Boeing, Airbus Military, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Embraer, Gulfstream and Bombardier.

Key Advantages

  • Specializing in the delivery of avionic communication management systems for over 40 years
  • Deployed on diverse platforms including C-130, KC-135, King Air 350, P-3, F-15, F-16, MIG 21, CH-53, Mil 8, T-38
  • Interoperable with legacy analog radios, digital systems and IP-based devices
  • AFDX interfacing capabilities for easy integration with 3rd party avionics systems
  • 3D Audio technology boosts situational awareness and survivability
  • Inherent redundancy to eliminate single points of failure