Maritime - ORBIT Communication Systems


The Sea is and has always been a major resource for food, transportation, and energy and border protection. Despite the advances in air defense and transportation, maritime transportation continues to play a major role in all aspects of our lives.

International shipping is the lifeblood of the global economy, with over 90% of the world’s imports and exports transported by sea. On the leisure side, cruise ships are the fasting growing segment of the travel market, with 7% annual growth.

From a defense standpoint, national security is dependent upon a strong naval presence and reliable maritime communication services.

The Need for Connectivity

As commercial and naval vessels are at sea for long periods, they require robust satellite communication systems to maintain contact with shore under any weather and sea conditions.

With respect to service, ships’ crews and holiday passengers expect to have the same level of reliable online connectivity at sea that they have on land. This covers everything from basic Internet connectivity to advanced military applications, corporate networking and crew welfare services.

However, providing global connectivity in remote locations and extreme conditions is a major challenge. Satellite providers that can deliver high-quality performance and coverage at a reasonable price are well-positioned to tap the rapidly growing maritime market.

Key Advantages

  • Extensive experience in delivering cutting-edge VSAT technology for the maritime market
  • Outstanding RF performance, global coverage and stabilization control
  • Specialized maritime VSAT solutions for navies, commercial and cruise vessels
  • Supplying systems to more than 20 Navies worldwide over the past 15 years