Orion™ Advanced Video Surveillance - ORBIT

Orion™ Video

Advanced Video Surveillance system for Aircrafts and Helicopters

Advanced Video Surveillance system for Aircrafts and HelicoptersOrion™ Video is an innovative IP/AFDX based video management platform, providing end to end solution of various network-based video surveillance and monitoring applications for airborne platforms.

With cockpit door surveillance, cabin monitoring, cargo observation, pilots, air marshals, and other crew members, are able to visually monitor activity inside and outside the aircraft, increasing situation awareness and aircraft/flight security.

Orion™ Video also provides passengers with a bird’s-eye view of stunning scenes of the outside world directly on their entertainment system screens.


Key Features

  • HD Video
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Recording capabilities
  • IP/AFDX interface
  • Compliant and certified
  • Switchless distributed system
  • Inherent redundancy
  • Non ITAR item

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