Orion™ Jet - ORBIT Communication Systems

Orion™ Jet

Advanced Communication Management System

Orion™ is an innovative IP based communication management platform built to support various network-based communication products and applications for trainers.

With its advanced features and capabilities such as 3D audio and noise filtering, Orion™ provides pilots with enhanced situational awareness and improved operational efficiency, and along with its small footprint, Orion is the most suitable communication solution for modern trainer jets.

Designed for easy customization and scalability using common core technology, Orion™ allows you to purchase only what you currently require and subsequently add functionality and capacity based on future needs and new programs.
Based on ORBIT’s patented technology, Orion™ features a switchless distributed network architecture based upon a dual IP ring topology for inherent redundancy.

Integration with 3rd party avionics systems has never been simpler, with Orion’s AFDX/IP/Ethernet interfacing capabilities.

Key Features

  • IP/AFDX interface
  • 3D Audio
  • Noise filtering
  • Small footprint
  • Inherent redundancy