OceanTRx™ 7 - ORBIT Communication Systems

OceanTRx™ 7

Maritime Stabilized VSAT System

OceanTRx 7 is an innovative platform supporting a variety of 2.2m stabilized maritime antenna system configurations in C, Ku , X and Ka bands. As a common platform, it is inherently designed to accommodate the current and future broadband needs of the maritime market. It is built for quick and easy installation, upgrade and maintenance, combining exceptional RF performance and system availability with an extraordinarily small footprint.
Supporting the mission and business-critical broadband application needs of commercial and naval vessels, OceanTRxTM 7 enables maritime users to enhance operational productivity and crew welfare, lower expenses,  and increase profitability.



300 Series – X/C/Ku band support:
OceanTRxTM 7-300 features multi-band frequency support for X, C and Ku bands, based on field exchangeable kits.

500 Series – Ka inherent support:
The 500 Series features built-in Ka fully compatible design to ensure smooth migration to future highspeed Ka services – for the entire Ka range – using GEO and MEO satellites. OceanTRxTM 7-500 provides multi-band frequency support for Ku and Ka bands, based on field exchangeable kits.

Key Features

  • Unmatched Low-Cost Shipping and Rapid Installation
  • Enhanced Serviceability and Platform Commonality for Cost-Effective Operations
  • 2.2m Antenna with only 2.7m Radome
  • Cost-Effective Operations
  • High Versatility and Multiple Configurations
  • Seamless Global Coverage
  • Remote Connection, Monitoring, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Strict Regulatory Compliance and Certifications
  • World-Class Customer Support