Gaia 100 - Orbit Communication Systems

Gaia 100

Maximum performance. Minimum footprint.

The GaGaia 100ia™ 100 family is comprised of cost-effective, high-performance ground station systems capable of capturing data from LEO and MEO satellites. Gaia 100 supports three antenna sizes: 2.4m, 3.7m and 4.5m.

Key Features

  • No “key hole”, for continuous tracking
  • Real 3-axis system – EL, Tilt and AZ – for greater availability and reliability
  • Built-in, step-track-based Advanced Control Loop, for superior performance
  • Innovative GaiaLink™ software, for maximum flexibility
  • Radome covered, for anytime/anywhere operation
  • Short lead time
  • Multiple configurations (from L- to K-band) in a single platform
  • Mature product with multiple installations around the globe