Audio Intercommunication System - ORBIT


Audio Intercommunication System

Audio Intercommunication System

ORBIT’s AIS is a secure fully digital (audio & control) Audio Intercommunication System (AIS). This system was specifically designed to meet the requirements of advanced applications in helicopters and mid-size crew aircraft.

With AIS’s secure, digital audio simultaneous clear voice and data communication, the mission will be accomplished successfully.

Supporting up to 6 users, 8 radios, 8 receivers, 8 warnings and 16 discrete, the AIS is a COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) system, specifically designed to meet the requirements of applications such as VIP, transportation, medical evacuation, etc.

The AIS is a secure communication system, integrating the routing and distribution of audio and data between the crewmembers and the recording systems. Based on a modular architecture, the AIS provide all operators on the aircraft with flexibility to control and distribute data.

Key Features:

  • Extended Built-In-Test mode
  • Private Intercom nets
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG) compatible (optional)
  •  VOX & ANR capabilities
  • Emergency & Backup modes
  • Individual volume control
  • Operation with wireless and noise reducing service
  • PC load setting
  • Input & output levels and impedance programming
  • Hot Mic (Hands Free)
  • Built-in Voice Message Unit
  • Maintenance Intercom
  •  External Crypto equipment support (optional)
  •  Intl. TEMPEST approved (optional)