AirTRx 34-46 - Orbit Communication Systems

AirTRx 30-46

Airborne stabilized VSAT Antenna System

Airborne stabilized VSAT Antenna System

AirTRx 30 and 46cm parabolic antenna systems are part of a series of innovative airborne stabilized VSAT antenna systems, providing quality broadband communication via satellite to various airborne platforms. Designed to accommodate the current and future needs of the airborne market, AirTRx is built to empower mission and business-critical applications. AirTRx supports Ku, Ka and X bands; featuring outstanding RF performance and dynamic response under virtually any operating environment.

Key Features

  • Supports Ku, Ka and X bands
  • Outstanding RF performance
  • Complies with RTCA-DO-160G
  • Pedestal Type: Elevation over azimuth, with polarization compensation
  • Low weight