Orbit Launches Industry’s First Fully Self-Contained Antenna Data-Link Tracking System

Orbit Launches Industry’s First Fully Self-Contained Antenna Data-Link Tracking System

Unique solution brings the tracking of aerial targets via mobile ground stations to a new level

Netanya, Israel, June 6, 2017 – Orbit Communications Systems Ltd. (TASE: ORBI), a leading provider of precision tracking-based communications solutions and airborne audio management systems, announced today the launch of its Aero Data Link (ADL) self-contained antenna tracking system. Orbit’s ADL consists of an elevation-over-azimuth positioner unit with a built-in tracking controller and a mounted directional antenna and data-link unit. The combined result is reduced SWaP (size, weight and power), optimized for mobile ground stations.

Orbit’s ADL benefits:

  • Controller inside the positioning unit, connected by a single LAN cable
  • 28V DC, instead of AC, eliminating safety issues
  • Slip ring accommodating 70 simultaneous circuits (double the previous version)
  • Full duplex, for full tracking and control capabilities
  • Sophisticated tracking algorithms
  • Compliance with MIL-standard 810F (mechanical/environmental) and 461F (electro-magnetic interference)
  • Whole system – including C-band directional antenna – mounted on base riser or tripod (during emergencies)

“Our Aero Data Link is the industry’s first fully self-contained antenna tracking system,” stated Orbit CEO, Eitan Livneh. “With it, we are meeting the growing demand for aerial target tracking and control head on.”

See the Aero Data Link – as well as the company’s other precision-tracking and aerial audio management solutions – at Orbit booth 9010 at ISDEF 2017, in Tel Aviv, June 6-8.

Aero Data Link
Orbit’s Aero Data Link antenna tracking system on display at ISDEF 2017, Booth 9010, June 6-8

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Orbit Communications Systems Ltd. is wholly-focused on precision tracking-based communications – in the areas of satcom, telemetry and remote sensing – and provides an innovative solution for airborne audio management. With certification by defense, government and commercial agencies, we deliver tailor-made, turnkey solutions at sea, on land and in the air. Orbit’s unique combination of smart design, high reliability and field-tested experience means that if you can conceive it, we can provide it.

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