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ORBIT Awarded Patent for Invention in Airborne Communication

US Patent No. 9,077,641 “Static Ring Network for Vehicle Communications”

November 3, 2015; Netanya Israel – ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd., a leading provider of business and mission critical communication solutions for land, sea, air and space, has been awarded a patent for an invention in network topology and communication methods for vehicular communication. The invention is employed in ORBIT’s innovative Orion™ Communication Management System (CMS). Orion™ is an IP-based airborne intercommunication management system with inherent redundancy and spatial 3D audio suitable for jets, helicopters, airliners, and mission aircraft.

The patented technology is at the heart of Orion’s Dual IP Ring network topology, providing inherent redundancy in a distributed network with no single point of failure. In the Dual IP Ring, the communication modules are arranged in a ring and communicate using an IP based static and deterministic protocol. Each module transmits IP packets in both directions on the ring simultaneously, providing continued normal operation without degradation even upon failure of a network segment in the ring.

The Dual IP Ring architecture also provides significant advantages for spatial 3D audio implementation. The algorithms for dynamic 3D positioning of audio resources, according to the airman’s helmet line-of-sight and his location relative to other crew members require dedicated and extensive computations per airman. With ORBIT’s novel approach each airman’s communication module contains the required dedicated computing power, providing pilots and crew with dynamic 360° directional audio and boosting situational awareness.

Integration with avionic systems is simple with Orion’s IP/AFDX ready interfacing capabilities. The Dual IP Ring topology is ideal for implementation in all aircraft segments and offers exceptional 3D Audio, system redundancy, scalability and flexibility; all with a superior Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C). Since its launch, Orion™ has been embraced by leading aircraft manufacturers for their communication management needs.

Erez Shabirow, ORBIT’s CEO stated: “We are extremely pleased to be awarded this patent. ORBIT’s communication management solutions are well-known in the industry for their performance and reliability. This invention is a major enabling technology that allows us to provide cutting edge airborne communication solutions to our customers. ORBIT is always in quest of creative solutions for its current and potential customer base”.

About ORBIT Communication Systems
ORBIT is a global provider of highly engineered business and mission critical communication solutions for land, sea, air and space applications. ORBIT’s maritime, aerospace and land application solutions are suitable for commercial, defense and homeland security markets. ORBIT’s portfolio includes mobile satellite communication systems, communication management systems and tracking and telemetry ground stations, deployed on thousands of marine, airborne and ground platforms worldwide. ORBIT’s customers include leading navies, government and defense organizations, major integrators, space agencies, earth observation and communication service providers.

ORBIT is a public company traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: ORBI). The company boasts an international sales and customer support network that includes the United States, Europe and the Far East in addition to its international technical service centers located around the world. For more information, please visit: www.orbit-cs.com