SpaceX (Space Exploration Technology) Americas - Orbit USA

A Leading American space transport company chose ORBIT to supply a system to track spacecraft during launch and in orbit. SpaceX required a highly dynamic tracking system with stability to enable operation from small ships and can operate under salty and humid environment for years. The solution had to meet a defined budget frame, delivered within tight schedule and pre-tested. Additionally, SpaceX required onsite support during installation and initial launch.
ORBIT’s provided a 1.8m dish size based on S-band high G/T RF feed with fast tracking system with less than 0.03° error, capable of accurate tracking of spacecraft during launch, a Nitrogen gas pressurized feed cover and sealed pedestal to withstand salt and humid atmosphere. The tracking system interfaced with GPS-COMPASS and IMU to compensate for the instability of small shipboard operation. Additionally, we customized the GUI to interface with customer’s management and control system.
The Delivery was within two and a half months from the order. ORBIT’s engineer supported the installation, spending two weeks with customer on ship until launch completion