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Aeronautical Test Telemetry


Telemetry is the automated process for transmitting measurements wirelessly from a remote object to a command station.
Aeronautical telemetry is used in defense and civilian applications, such as flight testing, space exploration and rocketry, to enable real-time monitoring of environmental conditions in flying objects.

The Need for Reliable Real-Time Data Transfer

Aeronautical telemetry is a critical service for commercial and military flight test missions, which typically monitor data collected from on-board instrumentation over an RF link. Real-time data transmission and analysis is often crucial for test pilot safety and thus requires a highly reliable, high throughput link.

Space agencies use telemetry systems to collect data from satellites and other space vehicles, providing engineers with real-time measurements of critical system parameters required to develop and improve system performance. In-flight data transmission is particularly vital for missiles and space systems due to the fact that these systems are often damaged or destroyed before they complete the test flight.

In addition, telemetry systems are used in rocketry to monitor the position and health of launch vehicles. Aeronautical telemetry ground stations must be able to support reliable and fast target acquisition of the fastest flying objects to ensure mission success.

Key Advantages

  • Large installed base including major national defense organizations
  • Fast target acquisition for unsurpassed tracking accuracy and quality
  • Proven tri-band solution for L/S/C bands that delivers best market performance
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions from -40°C to 55°C