Aeronautical Test Telemetry - ORBIT.

Aeronautical Test Telemetry Solutions

Aeronautical test telemetry is a critical “real-time backbone” service for commercial and military flight test missions with aircraft, missiles, rockets, UAS, balloon and more.

Due to the high costs involved in missile launches and flight tests, 100% reliability and fast target acquisition is essential for ensuring first-time mission success. Officers need to download huge amounts of data from sensors on the flying platform to ground station antennas in real time.

To support both legacy (L and S band) and recently introduced C-band equipment, telemetry operators require high performance solutions that can simultaneously support multiple bands.

ORBIT’s Aeronautical Test Telemetry Solution

ORBIT aeronautical test telemetry solution utilizes high speed tracking antennas that can accurately track the fastest flying objects (e.g., missiles, fighter aircraft). These antennas (suitable for portable and fixed platforms) range in size from 1 – 8m (3 – 26 ft).

Using patent-pending technology, ORBIT’s single-feed solution enables simultaneous tracking over three different bands, while maintaining the high gain required to support long-range telemetry missions.

Moreover, this solution enables telemetry operators to upgrade to high performance C-band tracking at a fraction of the cost of a new system.


Key Advantages

  • Fast target acquisition for unsurpassed tracking accuracy and quality
  • Large installed base including major national defense organizations
  • Proven tri-band solution for L/S/C bands that delivers best market performance
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions from -40°C to 55°C