Point-to-Point Communication - ORBIT CS

Point to Point Communication

Point-to-Point (P2P) communication systems are used to establish a communication link between two points within line-of-sight, where at least one of the points is in motion. As such, antenna stabilization – even under harsh conditions – is critical for maintaining fast and reliable connectivity. P2P systems are commonly used between a ground station and a nearby oil rig or between two vessels that travel within line-of-sight at sea.

To support business-critical operations, reliable, high-throughput connectivity is a must for linking offshore teams and data-intensive systems with headquarters on shore.

ORBIT’s P2P Solution for Sea Platforms

ORBIT offers a range of stabilized tracking antenna systems for high bandwidth P2P communications, either from vessel-to-shore or between two vessels within line-of-sight. These systems are designed to support antennas ranging in size from 0.6 to 2.4 meters (2-8 feet) for a range of frequency bands, and are suitable for various maritime platforms.

This cost-effective solution uses RF communication to transmit massive data volumes between a fixed onshore antenna and a stabilized antenna typically located on a ship or oil rig. This approach is significantly less expensive than satellite communication and eliminates the need to physically transfer hard disks to shore via helicopter.

Key Advantages

  • High bandwidth connectivity
  • Operates easily at high seas
  • Withstands extreme weather and harsh environmental conditions (e.g., salt, humidity)
  • Maintains high accuracy pointing for stable connection and data throughput