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Satellite TT&C


Orbiting satellites provide essential information about our planet and are used for visible imaging, radar screening and spectral analysis. To benefit from this data, a fast and dependable communication link must be established between the moving satellites and the ground station. Since data can only be downloaded from LEO/MEO satellites during a very short window once every few days, the reliability of this link is crucial.

In addition, satellite owners must make sure their ground station systems are equipped to handle new Ka-band services that necessitate a high level of accuracy from the ground station.

LEO/MEO Satellite Tracking Ground Stations

ORBIT’s ground station solution for TT&C enables LEO/MEO satellite owners to command and control satellite missions. High accuracy tracking ensures reliable communication with the satellite when it is visible. ORBIT’s ground stations are being used by leading satellite operators around the world in the harshest environmental conditions.

Breakthrough technology ensures highest possible gain, enabling customers to enjoy superior ground station performance with lower costs.

ORBIT’s systems are fully compatible with Ka-band accuracy requirements, and enable smooth migration from X-band with maximum reuse of ground station parts.

Key Advantages

  • High-accuracy pointing to cope with narrow beam width in Ka band
  • End-to-end solution including tracking antenna, mission controller and data receiver
  • Range of standardized products available for shorter and cost effective deliveries
  • Suitable for navigation, launch missions, LEOP and MEOLUT applications