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Oil & Gas

Enhancing the Efficiency of Offshore Operations

Oil &Gas operations are an expensive, high-risk endeavor. As most exploration and production activities take place in offshore and remote areas, reliable communications are imperative – for commercial, safety and environmental reasons.

O&G companies require 24×7 high-throughput connectivity for linking HQ-based personnel and systems with technical experts, pipeline facilities, and offshore drilling platforms.

Reliable broadband communications are a “must” for a range of business-critical applications, such as real-time drilling data management, seismic information, live video monitoring and surveillance, as well as crew welfare.

To accommodate offshore O&G environments, SatCom solutions must ensure global coverage and withstand extreme weather conditions. They also need to be easy to deploy in tight quarters with minimum remote-enabled maintenance requirements.

Using Earth Observation Satellites for Real-Time Data Processing

Real-time data collection from rigs and pipelines is critical for oil and gas companies.

Whether downloading data-rich imagery for spectral analysis of remote pipelines or handling large file transfers for assessment by central processing sites, high-throughput ground stations are needed to ensure that data is transmitted quickly and without packet loss. Satellite images can also be used for remote security surveillance of pipelines and offshore platforms.

Moreover, earth observation can be combined with geomatics for geo-imaging and integrated spatial data.


Key Advantages

  • Extensive experience in delivering cutting-edge VSAT technology for the maritime market
  • Outstanding RF performance, global coverage and stabilization control
  • High throughput and availability using C, Ku and Ka-Band terminals
  • Compact footprint for high flexibility and fast deployment
  • Fully compliant with international communication standards (FCC, Anatel, Eutelsat)