Training and Installation - Orbit Communication Systems

Training and Installation

Training Overview

ORBIT offers basic and advanced training programs that include both theoretical and hands-on training. Our training programs are designed to provide customers with an up to date understanding of ORBIT’s systems, including new products and features.

Training courses are intended to qualify trainees in installation, operation, servicing and maintenance of ORBIT’s systems. A variety of role-based training packages are tailored to address individual needs and to let each trainee learn at his/her own pace.

Training is provided at ORBIT’s headquarters facility in Israel, enabling trainees to gain knowledge of the finished product during its various manufacturing phases. Training is conducted in English, covering various aspects of design, manufacturing, software and system integration and product maintenance down to the sub-assembly level.
In addition to classroom training, ORBIT also provides on-the–job training (OJT) during the various project phases. Detailed training schedules are coordinated with each customer at the outset of the project.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of a course, trainees will:

  • Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of the system and system units, operating modes, functional principles, specifications and parts.
  • Be familiar with all safety features and precautions applicable to the installation, operation and maintenance, and associated tools and equipment.
  • Be familiar with the system’s architecture, configuration, and operational principles.
  • Understand both capabilities and limitations of the units.
  • Acquire the theoretical and practical skills and knowledge for installing and configuring the system.
  • Be familiar with and perform the basic operation functions and tasks required for routine operation of the system.
  • Acquire the theoretical and practical skills and knowledge for maintenance of the units, assemblies, subassemblies.
  • Be familiar with and perform all the preventive and corrective maintenance tasks (including servicing and calibrations) relating to assembly and disassembly of system LRUs and ability to trace a fault to LRU level.
  • Be familiar with the system’s error messages and perform diagnostics using these messages.


On-site Installation & Commissioning

ORBIT provides installation services for all of its system solutions in accordance with each customer’s requirements. Performed by our experienced engineers, this service ensures more efficient and rapid installation, with ORBIT taking overall responsibility for the equipment including comprehensive acceptance test before delivery.

The installation is performed based on a Site Survey completed by the customer. Once the installation is complete, ORBIT conducts the Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP).