R&D Team - ORBIT Communication Systems


ORBIT R&D teams are engaged in developing innovative communications related products and adapting product solutions to customers’ demands.

ORBIT prides itself on its commitment to R&D which is expressed in both human resources and financial support. With long term experience, ORBIT views its ability to deliver state-of-the-art solutions as a major key to its success and reputation.

System Integration Capabilities

ORBIT’s R&D manages complex turnkey solutions; integrating ORBIT’s products with high-quality off-the-shelf building blocks, which have been deployed and tested in thousands of projects worldwide in order to meet its customer’s needs. Turnkey solutions include antenna systems and controllers, onsite control shelters and trailers, cameras, UPS, generators, M&C software and testing equipment, as well as other accessories as needed.

Worldwide Know-how and Expertise

ORBIT’s SatCom, Tracking and Earth Observation R&D teams have accumulated and currently possess world class know-how and expertise in the following areas:

  • RF/Antenna – with emphasis on Ka Band
  • Servo and control solutions
  • Mechanical design of complex motion systems
  • Motion and tracking algorithmic research and software implementation
  • Satellite regulation – compliance approvals from various regulatory institutes


ORBIT’s Communication Management Systems R&D team is highly experienced with exceptional skills in the fields of:

  • Communication hardware and software – TDM and VoIP Telephony
  • Communication protocols
  • Design-to-airborne regulations – FAA, TSO, TEMPEST and others.


The team continually expands its knowledge of new technologies and customer requirements in order to provide the most efficient, innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers.