AL-4100 - ORBIT Communication Systems


Outdoor Tracking Controller

The AL-4100 is ORBIT’s advanced outdoor Antenna Control Unit (ACU), designed to facilitate monitoring and control of tracking systems in remote locations. It incorporates built-in features for a wide range of telemetry and satellite tracking applications. A wide variety of operation modes allows for automatic tracking, slave tracking and remote control operation via a host computer. The AL-4100 is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions in outdoor applications. It is a rigid and hermetically sealed case equipped with a powerful CPU engine capable of performing complex tracking algorithms. The connection with the AL-4100 can be established through the host computer via either an Ethernet or RS 232/422 communication link. By connecting the host computer to the AL-4100, the operator can control and monitor the tracking system.

Key Features

  • Highly modular hardware design provides the reliability and maintainability required in critical applications
  • Fully electronic nonvolatile memory eliminates need for mechanical disk drives for maximum reliability
  • Digital algorithms for high-bandwidth closed loop control
  • Variety of tracking modes for geostationary satellites, low-orbit satellites, and fast-moving targets
  • Stabilized system control using direct interface with gyrocompass and motion reference sensors
  • Direct GPS interface capability