UAS Command and Communication - ORBIT

UAS Command & Control and ISR Communications

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) are used for surveillance in tactical missions, homeland security, border patrol, environmental emergency response and corporate asset protection.
Tracking systems maintain a continuous communication link between the UAS and its ground station antenna.
UASs are often used to perform long range missions that require Beyond Line-of-Sight (B-LOS) control. In such cases, satellite links ensure wideband Command & Control communications and real-time imagery retrieval.
Tactical UASs, in particular, require compact and lightweight communication systems for delivering high definition ISR imagery, while maintaining a dependable C&C link throughout short to medium range missions.

ORBIT’s End-to-End Solution for UAS C&C and ISR Communication

Supporting both B-LOS and LOS missions, ORBIT’s UAS Command & Control solutions ensure a continuous link under any weather condition. Operating in Ku or Ka bands, ORBIT’s solution delivers the high throughput required for UAS ISR missions.
The highly reliable B-LOS solution utilizes ORBIT’s best-in-class satellite communication systems to ensure end-to-end data connectivity. This solution is fully operational in leading UAS platforms.

ORBIT’s end-to-end LOS solution includes a field-deployed receiving system and a fully equipped C&C shelter. This off-the-shelf solution dramatically extends the mission distance while maintaining a high bandwidth link between the UAS and the ground station.

Key Advantages

  • 100% compliant with the most rigorous environmental standards
  • Fully operational in any flight envelope of any UAS
  • Field-proven in operational deployments for leading UAS platforms
  • Portable, lightweight ground system for LOS
  • B-LOS solution leverages ORBIT’s best-in-class SatCom technology