ORBIT’s Turnkey Ground Station Solution.

ORBIT’s Turnkey Ground Station Solution

Government agencies, defense and commercial organizations, as well as space agencies, often prefer turnkey solutions for managing and executing their confidential Telemetry and Earth Observation projects. Turnkey solutions simplify project communication and accelerate timetables while reducing the number of involved parties.

In response to customer requests, ORBIT provides end-to-end turnkey solutions that offer a single point of contact for all project needs. Our commitment includes full responsibility for the technological solution, delivery, installation and integration of all system components.

We know from working with market leaders that each organization has a unique set of requirements. That’s why we always go the extra mile to customize our flexible solutions to meet the telemetry needs of government, commercial and military applications.

Customer Oriented Flexible Solutions

ORBIT’s turnkey solutions integrate ORBIT’s products with high-quality off-the-shelf building blocks that have been deployed and tested in thousands of projects worldwide, for a unified solution that meets the customer’s needs.

ORBIT’s flexible turnkey solutions include the antenna system and controllers, onsite control shelters and trailers, cameras, UPS, generator, M&C software and testing equipment, and other accessories as needed. Working with selected partners, ORBIT takes full responsibility for the delivery of a fully operational control facility. Based on each customer’s needs, we can also provide consultancy and planning, technical support and maintenance services.

Key Advantages

  • Flexible and tailored turnkey ground station solutions for diverse environments
  • Faster ROI and time-to-value from your solution
  • Less risk of uncontrolled project costs, time and outcome through single point of contact for all project needs
  • Innovative products for the earth observation market based on industry-leading R&D team with registered patents in tracking and communication
  • Reliability and experience based on 65 years serving defense and commercial customers worldwide
  • World-class support service with offices worldwide and trained teams