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EO and Remote Sensing


The earth is constantly monitored and analyzed by governmental agencies, defense forces and the private sector. From weather monitoring to disaster control and oil & gas exploration, earth observation data affects many aspects of our lives.

What is common to all earth observation applications is the need for instant access to up-to-date data and images. This requires a fast and reliable communication link between orbiting satellites and the ground station.

ORBIT’s End-to-End Ground Station Solutions for Earth Observation

ORBIT provides high-performance and high-accuracy ground station solutions for tracking LEO and MEO satellites in earth observation and remote sensing applications. Our innovative Gaia™ ground station solutions are designed to match the scale and budget of any earth observation tracking project.

Supporting a range of antenna sizes, these ground stations offer an ideal combination of high performance and compact footprint for markets such as: oil and gas exploration, weather research, disaster monitoring, land mapping, homeland security, VAS providers and more.

ORBIT’s end-to-end solutions scale from rooftop high performance tracking antennas for GIS experts up to a complete turnkey ground station solution that includes high data-rate receivers, control software and more.

Key Advantages

  • Customer base includes leading space agencies, satellite owners, resellers and universities
  • High accuracy tracking systems guarantee a stable and highly efficient data link throughout the satellite pass
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and can be operated anywhere on earth.
  • Versatile solutions supporting low-budget research projects and up to heavy-duty ground stations that download massive amounts of data from horizon to horizon
  • Integrated end-to-end turnkey solutions