Video Management by ORBIT Communication Systems


Video surveillance is a critical component for ensuring the safety of commercial flights. Strategically placed video cameras enable pilots, air marshals, and other crew members to monitor activity inside and outside the aircraft, increasing situational awareness and enhancing security. This real-time visual information is indispensable for swift decisions in the case of emergencies.

Aircraft manufacturers and integrators require flexible video management systems that can adapt to diverse operational needs.

ORBIT’s Video Management Solution for Airborne Platforms

ORBIT’s innovative IP/AFDX-based video management system is an end-to-end solution for network-based video surveillance, monitoring and entertainment applications for airborne platforms.

Advanced video surveillance capabilities enhance flight safety by enabling crew members to make better and faster decisions in emergencies. Using ORBIT’s video management solution, pilots can receive external/internal visual inputs that monitor the cabin, engine inlets, cargo bay, landing gear, flaps, etc. and stream them on any of their cockpit displays.

Seamless integration with any IFE system enables passengers to view stunning outside scenery (as captured by an outdoor camera) from their personal entertainment system screens.
Live video footage can be streamed directly in real time to ground control rooms using ORBIT’s airborne SatCom antennas, or recorded and stored on dedicated servers for post event analysis and query.

Key Advantages

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras providing HD video and recording capabilities
  • AFDX interfacing capabilities for easy integration with 3rd party avionics systems
  • Qualified and certified to meet environmental and regulatory requirements relevant for aircraft installation
  • Switchless distributed system for inherent redundancy
  • Non ITAR item exempt from export controls and regulations

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