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Defense, Government and Homeland Security

The Defense sector has undergone a substantial transformation over the last 20 years. Fixed R&D costs continue to grow for major systems, platforms and infrastructure (such as satellites, strategic air assets), while advanced information systems are needed to support network-centric warfare.

New trends include the internationalization of production, the growing centrality of information technology and the privatization of services that were once provided by the military. All of these developments place increasing demands on the communication infrastructure.

Be Mission-Ready with Land, Sea, Air and Space Communications

Bandwidth-hungry applications such as real-time operational and tactical data, intelligence gathering, remote equipment monitoring, and extended network capabilities are vital for saving lives, improving tactical results and raising productivity. With situational awareness essential for mission success, defense organizations require cost-efficient, on-the-move communications with minimal setup.

In addition, space and other government agencies require high-speed and high-accuracy tracking solutions for communicating with missiles, satellites and unmanned aircraft systems, as well as advanced ground stations to support aeronautical flight telemetry tests, weather monitoring and earth observation applications.

Tri-service communications solutions must not only meet stringent military standards, they must also be rugged enough to operate in remote and harsh environments. At the same time, dedicated equipment must easily integrate within larger systems and accommodate inevitable budget constraints.

Key Advantages

  • Communication systems designed and customized for mission-critical applications
  • Complete RF to Bit capabilities
  • 65 years of system engineering experience, working with government and defense organizations, as well as Tier 1/Prime Contractors
  • Fully compliant with military and international communication standards (FCC, Anatel, Eutelsat)
  • Best-of-breed COTS communications systems to meet tight budgets
  • Worldwide customer base includes 20 navies, NASA, ESA, US Homeland Security, and various military organizations in Europe and Asia.