Aerospace - ORBIT Communications Systems


The aerospace industry is characterized by rapidly changing technology, multi-systems integration and new methods of manufacturing. From fighter aircrafts to helicopters and commercial airliners, common industry requirements are zero tolerance for quality issues, high MTBF and strict regulatory compliance. Despite decreasing budgets, customer demands for quality, flexibility and precision have not diminished.

Ease of integration is a key requirement for today’s highly connected and “real estate challenged” cockpits. Manufacturers and integrators seek modular and open systems that can be flexibly configured to meet the voice and data communication needs of various airborne platforms. Mission-critical communication systems must be secure and fully redundant to eliminate single points of failure, while speed of installation and maintenance is also important for reducing turnaround times.

Space Applications for Earth Observation and Remote Sensing

Government and commercial organizations require robust telemetry and tracking solutions to communicate with satellite and rocket missions. From aeronautics research to space exploration and earth observation, space applications need to transmit huge volumes of data from satellites to ground stations during a very short window of time. To support their operations, space organizations require a fast and reliable communication link to download data quickly and without packet loss.

Key Advantages

  • 40 years serving the aerospace market, with systems deployed on more than 3,500 operational aircrafts
  • Customer base includes Boeing, Airbus Military, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Embraer, Gulfstream, as well as leading air forces and space agencies
  • Regulatory compliant airborne communication solutions with full FAA-TSO certification
  • Dedicated 24/7 global support network, based upon FAA certified repair stations
  • Experience working with Western and Eastern airborne platforms and communication devices